Bend supplier Derbo Steel can provide 3D Bend, 4D Bend, 5D Bend, 6D Bend, 7D Bend, 8D Bend and 10D Bend, etc. in kinds of materials such as Carbon Steel, Alloy Steel, Stainless Steel and so on. The Degree we can provide: 22.5°, 45°, 90°, etc. According to Standard ANSI B16.9&ANSI B16.49. Tangent Length can be provide at both end according to the standard or client’s requirement.

Products List


China API 5L X52 PSL1 ASME B16.49 6Inch 90 Degree 5D WT 0.276Inch


China 2 1/2 INCH 90DEG SCH80 5D RADIUS 5D Bend ASME B16.49


China ASTM A234 Grade WPB ASME B16.49 3D Bend 6Inch 90 Degree 3D Radius Wall Thickness 0.438In

DB-Carbon Steel Pipe Fittings-2598

China 10In Pipe Wall Thickness of 15.09 mm 5D Induction Bend Pipe API 5L X46 90 degree ASME B16.49

DB- Bend-2453

China API 5L X-52 ASME B16.49 12 Inch Sch 60 90 Degree 5D Anti – Corrosion Coating

DB-Carbon Steel Pipe Fittings-2444

China 10In 90 Degree Bend API 5L X52 CS SMLS Sch 60 Coated Bend Tangent 5D Bends ASME B16.49

DB- Bend-2409

China Bend 5D SMLS CS API 5L X-52 ASME B16.49 10Inch W.T 12.7mm 90 Degree 5D

DB-Carbon Steel Pipe Fittings-2391

China 14In Elbow 90 Deg Sch Std ANSI B16.49 R=5D Seamless API 5L Gr. B Bevelled ends ANSI B 16.25

DB- Bend-2365

China Bend 5D SMLS CS API 5L GR.B ASME B16.49 4 Inch 90 Degree 5D THK SCH-STD

DB-Carbon Steel Pipe Fittings-2327

China Bend 45Deg 6In R=5D SCH80 Thk 10.97mm A 860 WPHY 52 ASME B16.49

DB-Carbon Steel Pipe Fittings-2299

China 6In SCH40 90Deg Long Radius Bend 10 D with 2.5 mm 3LPE coating ASME B16.49 A420 WPL 6

DB-Carbon Steel Pipe Fittings-2272

China Boiler Economizer Seamless Bend Tube SA210 C 90 Deg OD 45 mm WT 3.80 mm Length 992.50 mm

DB-Carbon Steel Pipe Fittings-2242

China OD 45 mm X 3.8 mm Wall Thickness 90 Deg Bend Arm Length 310mm R=120mm ASME B16.49 SA210 C

DB- Bend-2190

China Bend 5D Carbon Steel API 5L X-60 ASME B16.49 10Inch 45 DEG 5D WT 0.438Inch

DB- Bend-2160

China Bend 3D 3 Inch 90 Deg 3D SCH XS Carbon Steel API 5L X60 PSL1 ASME B16.49

DB- Bend-2041

China DN450 Sch STD 90 Deg R=3D For Water, Oil & Gas, ASTM A53 Grade B ASME B16.49

DB-Carbon Steel Pipe Fittings-2035

China Bend 8In SCH40 30Deg 10D Cold Bending API 5L X52 PSL2 Carbon Steel

DB- Bend-1922

China For Water, Oil & Gas Bend 3D API 5L PSL1 GR.B ASME B16.49

DB- Bend-1865

China API 5L Bend Supplier Provides 3D 90 Degree Bend, API 5L PSL1 GR.B ,8 Inch OD, 0.219 Inch WT, Black Painting/Galvanized/Anti-Corrosion Coating.

DB-Carbon Steel Pipe Fittings-1856

China ASME B16.49 Bend Supplier Offers Seamless 5D 45 Degree Bend, ASME B16.49, ASTM A53 Gr.B, 9.53 MM, 8 Inch, BW, Carbon Steel Pipe Connection Fittings.