Company Culture


The culture of Derbo Steel can be described as energetic and passionate and is felt daily throughout our company.

Short distances, quick decisions, partnership with our customers. Our vision is easily stated: We want to play a leading role in steel industry and create ourselves a platform of steel products.

Far-seeing, entrepreneurial thinking at all levels is an essential reason why we succeed in achieving our vision every day. One of our central concerns is striving to achieve a meaningful reconciliation of all interests – customers, suppliers, and shareholders – within the framework of our corporate strategy.

Meanwhile, the overall strategic goals of the Dearbo Steel are continuity, tradition, trust, independence, responsibility and cooperation.
    Our Values

    We strive for consistency.

    We remain true to ourselves.

    We build on trust.

    We act instead of reacting.

    We keep our word.

    We see ourselves as a partner.