Coated Pipe 3LPE/3LPP/FBE

3LPE anti-corrosion steel pipe base material including seamless steel pipe, ERW pipe, SSAW pipe and LSAW pipe. Three-layer structure of polyethylene (3PE) anti-corrosion coating with good corrosion resistance, mechanical properties and water vapor permeability, etc., it has been widely used in the oil pipeline industry.

3LPP coating is mainly used for conveying high temperature medium of anti-corrosion pipe and used for the surface temperature is higher, sunshine time long desert pipeline anti-corrosion layer. Therefore the surface temperature is higher, the longer duration of sunshine underground water areas, gas, gained more and more widely on the pipeline.

FBE coating has excellent corrosion resistance, insulation resistance and long service life, this is why FBE coating become one of the advanced anti-corrosion coating pipeline current. Common type (thickness: 300 to 400um) and reinforced type (thickness: 400 to 500um).

Products List

DB-Coated Pipe FBE-2907

China Coated Welded Pipe FBE API 5L X60 Black Painting/Oil Coating

DB-Coated Pipe FBE-2867

China Coated Seamless Pipe FBE API 5L GR.B PSL 1 DN100 SCH80/XS

DB-Coated Pipe 3LPE-2835

China Coated Pipe 3LPE DN300 SCH Standard

DB-Coated Pipe 3LPE-2721

China Coated Pipe 3LPE API 5L GR.B PSL1 12 Inch SCH STD

DB-Coated Pipe 3LPE-2690

China Coated Pipe 3LPE API 5L X-65 PSL2 273.1MM * 12.7MM Black Painting/Oil Coating

DB-Coated Pipe 3LPE-2633

China Coated Pipe 3LPE Carbon Steel ASTM A106 Gr. B Diam 10Inch Sch20

DB-Coated Pipe 3LPE-2518

China Coated Pipe 3LPE Carbon Steel API 5L X42 PSL1 10 Inch SCHEDULE 80

DB- Coated Pipe 3LPE-2462

China Produced 36Inch WT XS, SSAW API 5L Grade X-42 MS, 3LPE Coated Steel Line Pipes(PSL 2)

DB-Carbon Welded Pipe -2414

China 4In Dia x 0.237In WT API 5L Grade X42 ERW Steel Line Pipe 3 Layer PE Coated DIN 30670

DB-Carbon Welded Pipe -2326

China 32 Inch LSAW Onshore Pipeline Thickness 12.7mm API 5L X52 3LPE Coating DIN 30670

DB-Seamless Steel Pipe-2212

China DN 400 mm CS Pipe SCH40 API 5L X52 Fusion Bonded Epoxy Coating AWWA C203 Dry Film Thickness of 275 Microns

DB-Coated Pipe 3LPE-2195

China Coated Pipe 3LPE Carbon Steel API 5L GR.B 273 x 9.3mm

DB-Welded Steel Pipe-2181

China ERW Pipe API 5L Gr.B PSL2 SCH40 3Layer Polyethylene Thickness 2 mm Long Seam Diameter 4In Length 12.000MM

DB-Coated Pipe 3LPE-2036

China 6 Inch SCH80 Carbon Steel API 5L GR B Coated Pipe 3LPE

DB-Seamless Steel Pipe-2027

China Coated Pipe 4In Sch 120 API 5L Gr X52 PE Coated PSL 2 Seamless Line Pipes

DB-Coated Pipe -2020

China 3PE Coated Pipe API 5LX42N PSL2 10 INCH SCH 80 Seamless

DB-Coated Pipe 3LPE-1965

China Coated Pipe 3LPE CS API 5L X52 For Oil, Gas, etc

DB-Coated Pipe FBE-1958

China Coated Seamless Pipe FBE API 5L GR.B For Oil, Gas, etc.

DB-Coated Pipe 3LPE-1944

China Coated Pipe Supplier supply 3LPE Coated Carbon Steel Seamless Pipe API 5L GR.B 12Inch STD